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Facebook, Twitter Execs Admit Failures, Warn of ‘Overwhelming’ Threat to Elections

Can you turn CO2 on Mars into sugar? NASA will give $1 million to the person who can.

Researchers to Release Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes in Africa for First Time

More people are taking Facebook breaks and deleting the app from their phones

Google Turns 20: How An Internet Search Engine Reshaped The World

The ‘deep web’ may be 500 times bigger than the normal web. Its uses go well beyond buying drugs

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Genes are key to academic success, study shows

Facebook, Twitter ‘too slow’ to tackle meddling

Theranos is finally shutting down


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Four questions Silicon Valley should expect from Capitol Hill


Google bosses expected to snub Senate

Google Reportedly Bought Your Banking Data in Secret, and That’s Not Even the Bad News

Those airport security bins carry more germs than the toilets, scientists say

Russian space chief vows to find “full name” of technician who caused ISS leak

leia, vale a pena: Who Owns The Future de Jaron Lanier

Software tool could help architects design efficient buildings


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Scooter firms get a lesson in manners

Small Air Leak Detected on International Space Station

What if Emailing During Your Commute Counted as Work?

Emails while commuting ‘should count as work’

The four ways that ex-internet idealists explain where it all went wrong

The woman who founded the ‘incel’ movement

California man charged with threatening to kill Boston Globe employees

China targets video gaming to tackle myopia in children

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