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Why is the USDA downplaying good news about this Obama-era school nutrition program?

Smash the Wellness Industry

A Ghost of Evolution: The Curious Case of the Avocado, Which Should Be Extinct But Still Exists

Ghosts of Evolution

‘Acoustic cameras’ tested in bid to cut noisy vehicles

Anxiety and depression is the leading concern for people born after 1997. According to a major study members of generation Z have different hopes and fears to millenials

Elon Musk’s satellites threaten to disrupt the night sky for all of us

The Birth-Tissue Profiteers

The Economist: No Iraque, xeque de aluguel substitui Justiça,the-economist-no-iraque-xeque-de-aluguel-substitui-justica,70002863179

Pressure mounts on aviation industry over climate change

Brace yourself for coming heatwaves, there are at least 27 ways they can kill you

Compound heat waves have double impact

You can train an AI to fake UN speeches in just 13 hours

A big US maker of paperless voting systems now says paper is essential

A Single Punctuation Mark Has Been Skewing Our Entire System of Scientific Ranking

Microsoft x reconhecimento facial, QRCode 2.0? universo espelho? olavismo x ciência

Microsoft discreetly wiped its massive facial recognition database

Google lança iniciativas de incentivo ao jornalismo no Brasil,google-lanca-iniciativas-de-incentivo-ao-jornalismo-no-brasil,70002859578

We’ve seen signs of a mirror-image universe that is touching our own

Industrial methane emissions are underreported, study finds

Creative thinking: Researchers propose solar methanol island using ocean CO₂

PUB to deploy Singapore’s first large-scale floating solar panel system by 2021

These colorful stickers are helping blind people find their way around

Entangled aluminium ion is world’s best timekeeper

Quantum Leaps, Long Assumed to Be Instantaneous, Take Time

Most-detailed-ever simulations of black hole solve longstanding mystery

Jupiter will get so close to Earth this month its largest moons will be visible with binoculars

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Training a single AI model can emit as much carbon as five cars in their lifetimes

Earth Overshoot Day is July 29

Amazon’s helping police build a surveillance network with Ring doorbells

Ancient Galaxy in the ‘Sea Serpent’ Has More Dark Matter Than Expected

Astronomers Just Solved The Bizarre Mystery of a Galaxy With No Dark Matter

Quantum Leaps, Long Assumed to Be Instantaneous, Take Time

Jupiter will get so close to Earth this month its largest moons will be visible with binoculars

Space weather affects your daily life. It’s time to start paying attention.

Making Big Tech companies share data could do more good than breaking them up

Silicon Valley parents banning tech for their kids

Pfizer had clues its blockbuster drug could prevent Alzheimer’s. Why didn’t it tell the world?

Dia D x meio ambiente, porn x inovação, web x blockchain, Tesla x bolsa, biblioteca #sqn

Mud ball meteorites rain down in Costa Rica

Climate Change Could End Human Civilisation as We Know It by 2050, Analysis Finds

Lawmaker Slams Epa Chief For Not Knowing Co2’s Percentage Of The Atmosphere

The ‘Great Dying’ Nearly Erased Life On Earth. Scientists See Similarities To Today

D-Day: 10 things you might not know about the Normandy invasion

Does porn still drive the internet?

The ambitious plan to reinvent how websites get their names

This is the most majestic bookstore I’ve ever seen

Tesla just finished its best day of the year

YouTube decides that homophobic harassment does not violate its policies

youtube x pedófilos, empresas x clima, big tech x EUA x EU, Microsoft x senhas

On YouTube’s Digital Playground, an Open Gate for Pedophiles

Breaking up Big Tech will be really hard to do—here’s why

BNDES testa ‘Waze do dinheiro público’ em áreas polêmicas,bndes-testa-waze-do-dinheiro-publico-em-areas-polemicas,70002853983

Companies See Climate Change Hitting Their Bottom Lines in the Next 5 Years

Microsoft says mandatory password changing is “ancient and obsolete”

It Hit 123 Degrees Fahrenheit in India This Weekend

How Does Earth’s Carbon Cycle Work?

A behavioral economist explores poverty and development

‘It’s Raining Plastic’: Researchers Find Microscopic Fibers in Colorado Rain Samples

84 Environmental Rules on the Way Out Under Trump

Número de linchamentos triplicou em 2018 no México