saudades do Carl Sagan, plantando com LED, energia da China, evolução x acaso


An ode to Carl Sagan

China’s giant transmission grid could be the key to cutting climate emissions

Tim Berners-Lee Wants a ‘Magna Carta’ to Save The Modern Internet. He’s Way Too Late.

Replaying the tape of life: Is it possible?

Growing the future: High-tech farmers are using LED lights in ways that seem to border on science fiction

Brasil x professores #fail, sonda alien #sqn, ouça o pai da web, fungo biônico, Grécia full color


Sorry, this strange space rock was not sent by aliens to save us

Brasil cai para última posição em ranking sobre prestígio do professor,brasil-cai-para-ultima-posicao-em-ranking-sobre-prestigio-do-professor,70002593574

Internet freedom around the world has fallen for the 8th year in a row

Após recusa, Zuckerberg é pressionado a depor em comitê internacional,apos-recusa-zuckerberg-e-pressionado-a-depor-em-comite-internacional,70002592532

Bug covered ‘bionic mushroom’ generates clean energy

A novel way to advance a better battery design

The UK’s information watchdog has called out “a disturbing disregard for voters’ personal privacy

A robot scientist will dream up new materials to advance computing and fight pollution

How Ancient Greek Statues Really Looked: Research Reveals their Bold, Bright Colors and Patterns

Web pioneer wants new ‘contract’ for internet

wifi “raio x”, DNA #sqn, hidrelétricas #sqn, a cura de $4M, China x AI, rios em xeque, luas novas


Using Wi-Fi to “see” behind closed doors is easier than anyone thought

I Took 9 Different Commercial DNA Tests and Got 6 Different Results

Mining For Bitcoin Can Require More Energy Than Actually Mining

Why Chinese Artificial Intelligence Will Run The World

A life-saving gene drug could hold families hostage with a $4 million price tag

Large hydropower dams ‘not sustainable’ in the developing world

The Rhine, a Lifeline of Germany, Is Crippled by Drought

More than 60 prescription drugs are getting into river foodchains

Earth has two extra, hidden ‘moons’

facebook x mea culpa, Boston x algoritmo, fumar x QI, privada 2.0, fungo 2.0, “raio x” de neutrinos


Facebook used to ‘incite offline violence’ in Myanmar, says report

What The Boston School Bus Schedule Can Teach Us About Ai

Physicists measured Earth’s mass using neutrinos for the first time

Cientistas fazem primeira tomografia da Terra com neutrinos,cientistas-fazem-primeira-tomografia-da-terra-com-neutrinos,70002587509

How Bill Gates Aims to Save $233 Billion by Reinventing the Toilet

A Sign of Below Average IQ

Beyond Plastic Bans: Creating Products To Replace It

Fungus: The Plastic of the Future

How fungus and sweat could transform Martian exploration