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A brief history of beards and pandemics

Italy Risks Losing Grip in South With Fear of Looting, Riots

Gig workers are set to strike today demanding better protection from coronavirus

Forget Zoom—children are using Facebook Messenger Kids to deal with coronavirus isolation

What the Japanese can teach us about super-ageing gracefully

Facebook e Instagram removem vídeo de Jair Bolsonaro por violação de regras

Twitter Deleted Two Tweets From Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro For Spreading Coronavirus Misinformation

Bolsonaro pode ser julgado por crime contra a humanidade, diz Witzel,bolsonaro-pode-ser-julgado-por-crime-contra-a-humanidade-diz-witzel,70003253486

‘Irresponsible politicians have undermined trust of public in science, in experts’ – historian Yuval Noah Harari

Post-Soviet strongmen prescribe vodka, hockey and folk medicine against coronavirus

Coronavirus: Hungary government gets sweeping powers

Coronavirus: Protecting yourself in a migrant camp

Blood test ‘can check for more than 50 types of cancer’

Thomas Becket: Alpine ice sheds light on medieval murder

Urgent call for modellers to support epidemic modelling

Roda Viva | Atila Iamarino

Defense Distributed’s 3D-printed gun files are back online

Some Countries Are Panic Buying Solar Panels. Is the U.S. Next?

How Hyraxes Preserve the Past in Poo

twitter 1 x 0 bolsonaro, o poder da visualização, propaganda x mentiras, resistência ao conhecimento

Twitter apaga publicações de Jair Bolsonaro por violarem regras da rede

Propaganda: A Arte De Vender Mentiras

Simulating an epidemic

How To Tell If We’re Beating COVID-19

The hidden impact of your daily water use

Covid-19: The history of pandemics

North Korea hails ‘super large’ launcher test as virus timing condemned

China Pushes to Churn Out Coronavirus Gear, Yet Struggles to Police It

Choir practice turns fatal. Airborne coronavirus strongly suspected

Florence Nightingale Saved Lives by Creating Revolutionary Visualizations of Statistics (1855)

Can you kill coronavirus with UV light?

Trump x audiência:

The End of Egyptian Cotton

Vídeos que contrariam indicações de médicos e cientistas para conter o coronavírus ganham espaço em grupos políticos no WhatsApp

How some cities ‘flattened the curve’ during the 1918 flu pandemic

Leia, Vale a Pena: Knowledge resistance, por Mikael Klintman

coronavírus x o melhor presidente do mundo, o italianinho genial, cidades x pandemias

Esse vídeo é um breve resumo de um comunicado com mais de uma hora do presidente de El Salvador Nayib Bukele.

Fechar é mais fácil que abrir,fechar-e-mais-facil-que-abrir,70003249828

The U.S. Now Leads the World in Confirmed Coronavirus Cases

‘Estamos com três epidemias simultâneas’, diz secretário do Ministério da Saúde,estamos-com-tres-epidemias-simultaneas-diz-secretario-do-ministerio-da-saude,70003249641

To Slow Virus, China Bars Entry by Almost All Foreigners

Robôs turbinam campanhas pró-Bolsonaro e por impeachment de Doria

De cada R$ 100 de medidas anunciadas para o combate ao coronavírus, R$ 64 ainda não saíram do papel,de-cada-r-100-de-medidas-anunciadas-para-o-combate-ao-coronavirus-r-63-ainda-nao-sairam-do-papel,70003249289

The official jobless numbers are horrifying. The real situation is even worse.

3 Questions: The risks of using 3D printing to make personal protective equipment

Coronavirus: Mexicans demand crackdown on Americans crossing the border

Dino-killing asteroid choked whole world in dust within a few hours
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What These Superconducting Space Rocks Tell Us About the Galaxy

Event 201 – a high-level pandemic exercise

Covid-19: The history of pandemics

Engineers Made a DIY Face Shield. Now It’s Helping Doctors

Expectant mothers stare down the prospect of giving birth alone, as coronavirus upends hospitals

Italy’s new coronavirus cases are slowing. How soon will normal life return?

Rich nations must help coronavirus disaster zones. It’s crucial to ending the pandemic.

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