cubismo quântico??? o sonho/pesadelo da vigilância contínua, o boné do NY Yankees

The Panopticon Effect

The Yankees Cap Goes Viral in Brazil: ‘Is It Basketball?’

The sacred tattoos inked by Thai monks

‘QBism’: quantum mechanics is not a description of objective reality – it reveals a world of genuine free will

Brasil contra fake

What are auroras, and why do they come in different shapes and colours? Two experts explain

The first of many timelapses from Thusday night – in this video you can see the aurora appears immediately after sunset, a sign that activity was strong! The colors from this G4 “severe” geomagnetic storm were unreal. I swear I saw the entire rainbow that night in the aurora.…

Strong solar flare erupts from the sun

NASA missions study what may be a 1-In-10,000-year gamma-ray burst

A New, Massive Hole In The Sun’s Atmosphere Is Pointing At Earth

Strong Solar Flare Erupts from Sun

Brightest gamma-ray burst ever seen a 1-in-10,000-years event that’s ‘absolutely monstrous,’ scientists say

Astronomers Stunned by Brightest Gamma Ray Burst Ever Recorded

House of the Black Madonna The House of the Black Madonna (Czech: U Černé Matky Boží) is a cubist building in the Old Town of Prague,

Not even wrong

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