embarque… na curiosidade! A primeira escritorA da história, A primeirA cientista da história

Dani Bassett and Perry Zurn on the Neuroscience and Philosophy of Curiosity https://pca.st/pyrdr0w5

In Our Time – The Challenger Expedition 1872-1876 – BBC Sounds https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m001fcvd

In Search of Enheduanna, the Woman Who Was History’s First Named Author https://nyti.ms/3UpMiX9

Florian Ederer
“I am not a donkey, I don’t have a field.”
So scoffed Max Weber when a faculty non-entity criticized him for writing outside his narrow discipline. https://twitter.com/florianederer/status/1567531000195850242

Did you know the first-ever ‘scientist’ was a Scottish woman? This is Mary Somerville, and you can find one of her very rare busts in our library. She was the first person to be described in print with the word ‘scientist’. – A #StAndrewsDay thread https://t.co/lY3T1z0cAM

Catar: a Ilha Púrpura que deu aos ricos e poderosos a cor que mais desejavam https://www.bbc.com/portuguese/geral-63786687

The Buddhist concept of “yugen” helps you embrace the mysterious and profound https://bigthink.com/thinking/yugen-zen-concept-how-to-be-weird/

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