cidades e países mais felizes, a importância da beleza, resgatando civis na Ucrânia, olhar x memória

a Clara Martins resgata civis na Ucrânia! não perca esta conversa do Vamos Falar Sobre Impacto!
será nesta segunda, 16h30:


Why you can’t take a good picture of a rainbow

Ed Yong on How Animals Sense the World

Here Comes the Sun—to End Civilization

Wild solar weather is causing satellites to plummet from orbit. It’s only going to get worse.

Sunspot Thrice the Size of Earth Continues Its Rapid Growth; Sparks Concerns of Blackouts and GPS Signal Disruption

Brasileira que resgatou mais de 150 civis na Ucrânia mostra itens coletados na guerra

Brasileira é “uber de guerra” na Ucrânia

Roger Penrose On Why Consciousness Does Not Compute

World’s Happiest Ranking Goes to Finland for Fifth Year in a Row

WHR 2022 | Chapter 2 Happiness, benevolence, and trust during COVID-19 and beyond

World’s Happiest Ranking Goes to Finland for Fifth Year in a Row

Eye Movements Could Be the Missing Link in Our Understanding of Memory

Yann LeCun has a bold new vision for the future of AI

Moisés Naím: América Latina e os líderes populistas

We need smarter cities, not “smart cities”


Why Beauty Matters (and how it has been destroyed by “usability”) A short thread…

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