fotos de fantasmas, as origens do metaverso, multiversos #ounão, placebos x expectativas

Eerie 19th Century Photographs of Ghosts: See Images from the Long, Strange Tradition of “Spirit Photography”

We tried to recreate this famous photo of a ghost

David Attenborough will make you think about weeds in a different light⁣ 🌱 The Green Planet – BBC

How 90 Years of CLEVER Engineering Transformed Tires

Crocodile with tyre around neck freed after six years

Rugged Mars has taken big bites out of the Curiosity rover’s wheels (photos)

My new pandemic book is coming soon

How to Prevent the Next Pandemic

TED2015 The next outbreak? We’re not ready

Here’s what you need to know about the ‘Freedom Convoy’ in Canada

The Alt-Right on Facebook Are Hijacking Canada’s Trucker Blockade

As Officials Look Away, Hate Speech in India Nears Dangerous Levels

Lentidão ao caminhar prediz risco de incapacidade funcional em idosos, aponta estudo

The metaverse is a new word for an old idea

Michael Dine on Supersymmetry, Anthropics, and the Future of Particle Physics

Can you fool your brain?
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