cartões postais do futuro, fake nudes, AI vai me substituir? mais ácido que em Woodstock

Desaprenda com… Lollo (LIVE)

AI’s Smarts Now Come With a Big Price Tag
As language models get more complex, they also get more expensive to create and run. Some companies are locked out.

AI’s Smarts Now Come With a Big Price Tag

Riccardo Ehrman: Journalist who prompted Berlin Wall to fall dies

How Do Our Brains Perceive the World Around Us? – with Anil Seth

Scorching Siberian Heatwave Confirmed as Hottest Arctic Temperature Ever Recorded

The First FDA-Approved Eye Drops to Treat Blurry Vision Are Now Available in The US

This huge Chinese company is selling video surveillance systems to Iran

The Soviets turned the Volga River into a machine. Then the machine broke.

Freshwater fish can recover from mercury pollution in just a few years

Postcards From a World on Fire

Leave the generator, take the power station

The Biggest Deepfake Abuse Site Is Growing in Disturbing Ways

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