essa índia me representa; viva Burle Marx, ouvindo os mortos? a superbomba soviética

Txai Surui from the Amazon rainforest has addressed the COP26 climate conference

075 – O Dilema das Redes ⭐ Rene de Paula Jr (Série: Entrevistando Talentos)

Concept art for METROPOLIS (1927) by Erich Kettelhut.

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As a crop, cannabis has enormous carbon emissions

Roberto Burle Marx

O Tempo Completa: Burle Marx, clássicos e inéditos | Casa Roberto Marinho

A mostra ACERVO, no térreo da Casa Roberto Marinho — durante o intervalo entre as retrospectivas de “Maria Martins” e “O Tempo completa, clássicos e inéditos de Burle Marx”— apresenta 22 trabalhos de 09 artistas.

Grave Guns & Coffin Torpedoes: Vintage Defenses Aimed to Foil Grave Robbers

X1 coronal mass ejection has arrived!

Aurora Borealis put on display across Scotland

In 1946 Bing Crosby was the king of media. He was the movie star, the pop star and his radio show was reaching a third of American living rooms each week. But then, it all started to fall apart. His ratings were plummeting and his fans were fleeing. Bing however, was not going down without a fight.

When the Soviets Set Off the Biggest Nuclear Bomb, J.F.K. Didn’t Flinch

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Испытание чистой водородной бомбы мощностью 50 млн тонн

Active October Sun Releases X-Class Flare

Onde domesticamos os cavalos?,onde-domesticamos-os-cavalos,70003884616

Livro mostra que tribunais da guerrilha mataram inocentes e deixaram delatores impunes,livro-mostra-que-tribunais-da-guerrilha-mataram-inocentes-e-deixaram-delatores-impunes,70003883824