sonhos estranhos x pandemia, a grande Demissão, Papa x Tech, a criatura For Ever Young

O que é Genocídio?

Decarbonizing fossil fuels: An unedited discussion from TED Countdown Summit

Life at 50C: Fleeing Sahara’s shifting sands

De Profundis: Patti Smith Reads Oscar Wilde’s Stirring Letter on Suffering and Transcendence, Penned in Prison

Colômbia esteriliza hipopótamos de Pablo Escobar para frear reprodução descontrolada

The Chinese film beating Bond and Marvel at the box office

Weird Dreams Train Our Brains to Be Better Learners

China testa míssil hipersônico capaz de circular a Terra

Japan’s Carbon Goal Is Based on Restarting 30 Nuclear Reactors

The Long-Lost Tale of an 18th-Century Tsunami, as Told by Trees

Entre as grandes economias do planeta, adivinhem onde os ricos mais enriqueceram *durante* a pandemia?

Don’t Drink From the Tap in These 10 Countries

Japan Tsunami 2011

‘Parem de explorar a fragilidade humana’, diz papa Francisco aos gigantes de tecnologia

Arid meteor shower makes new appearance in southern hemisphere skies

Nebra Sky Disc: British Museum to display world’s ‘oldest map of stars’

The ‘Great Resignation’ goes global

Why Do We Wake Up at 3am And Dwell on Our Fears? A Psychologist Explains

The biggest comet ever seen will get as close as Saturn in 2031

The Insane Biology of: The Axolotl

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