inovação na favela, cura para o câncer no fundo do mar? Spok #sóquenão, poluição x anos de vida

Papo Raríssimo com Júlio Pinheiro

US-built biometrics equipment is falling into the hands of the Taliban

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Reason, numbers and Mr Spock

Fogo já afetou 95% das espécies do bioma Amazônia nos últimos 20 anos, alerta estudo

‘Last mile’ solution for Brazilian favela born from pandemic

Huge Find of 400,000-Year-Old Bone Tools Challenges Our Understanding of Early Humans

Mapping the Brain Circuitry of Spirituality

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Hidden bacterial hairs power nature’s ‘electric grid’

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All the Feels: NVIDIA Shares Expressive Speech Synthesis Research at Interspeech

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