mulheres admiráveis, inovação pública, revolução verde na Costa Rica, longevidade x lugares

The head of the world’s coolest innovation lab wants to focus on . . . public policy


Mobilidade elétrica precisa estar presenta na revisão das cidades

Where in the World? Gold

Trigueiro: Garimpo ilegal só acontece porque ‘há complacência do estado em todos os níveis de governo’

Gold isn’t rare. So why is it valuable?

Even Calibri’s Creator Is Glad That Microsoft Is Moving On

Costa Rica’s environmental minister wants to build a green economy. She just needs time.

Comparing seniors who relocate long-distance shows where you live affects your longevity

Earth on Alert for G2 Geomagnetic Storm

Internet apocalypse: solar storm could knock internet out for WEEKS

Wildlife photo: Is this the world’s most beautiful mosquito?

Enchanting photos of seeds and fruits show why they are nature’s engineering marvels

The Rise Of The Myers-Briggs, Chapter 3: What Is It Good For?

This Virus Shouldn’t Exist (But it Does)

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