a verdade feia sobre o facebook, o embaixador maia, chumbo x crianças, luzes da cidade #sóquenão

Review: Why Facebook can never fix itself

Parable of the Polygons

Bootleg Fire: Satellite shows damage of largest active US fire

Cities are scrambling to prevent flooding


Chumbo: como metal pesado tóxico afeta crianças no Brasil e no mundo décadas após proibição

Rescue efforts launched after record floods in central China displace 1.2 million

The argument for switching off lights at night

How to reduce home water use in an age of drought and climate change

This tool tells you if NSO’s Pegasus spyware targeted your phone

The spyware is sold to governments to fight terrorism. In India, it was used to hack journalists and others.

UN Climate Change – Dramatic climate impacts continue around the world. Zhengzhou in China has seen the highest daily rainfall since weather records began, receiving the equivalent of 8 months of rain in a single day. #COP26

China: Passengers stuck in waist-high water as train floods

Autobiography of a Maya Ambassador

perguntas após a minha palestra no Information Show 2021

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