humanos artificiais, TikTok x beleza automática, índios x harvard, termina a #EmTechNext

Face, Google e Twitter estão colaborando para um golpe no Brasil,o-golpe-de-face-google-e-twitter,70003743392

Gabeira: Diário Da Crise Cdxxv

TikTok changed the shape of some people’s faces without asking

Aramaic: an imperial language without an empire

A generation of seabirds was wiped out by a drone at a reserve. Now, scientists fear for their future

Why some say this Nevada town siren is a racist relic

Fact check: Gohmert’s attempts to connect moon orbits and solar flares to climate change

Indigenous peoples urge Harvard to scrap solar geoengineering project

A fully vaccinated cruise set sail in the Caribbean. Two passengers just tested positive for covid.

These creepy fake humans herald a new age in AI

The coming productivity boom

Historic drought threatens Brazil’s economy

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