civilização #deuruim? origens do cristianismo, Taiwan x chips x água, Jeff Bezos x Darwin

Leonard Susskind – What is the Theory of Everything?

Even Bananas 05: Neutrin…WHOA A SUPERNOVA!

Hong Kong: Jimmy Lai sentenced to 14 months for pro-democracy protests

Seca em Taiwan opõe agricultores e a indústria de chips de computadores,seca-em-taiwan-opoe-agricultores-e-a-industria-de-chips-de-computadores,70003683213

The Compass

Ecological crises
The Compass

In Our Time

Here’s why Jeff Bezos quoted a 1986 book about human evolution in his shareholders letter

Google’s Pixel has a new feature that’s a brilliant insult to your intelligence

The Case Against Civilization

(mentiras) Aryan race



Arian controversy

Arianism – Christianity

The global fight against snake bites

Mayan urn returned to Mexico by Albion College

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