redes não tem covid? borracha em crise? defina “vida”, a civilização Spiro, o caso Minamata

(errata! ESG quer dizer Environmental, social and corporate governance 🙂 vou estudar mais a respeito e compartilhar com vocês!)


‘Melhor modo de pensar em si é pensar em todos’, diz Nizan Guanaes,melhor-modo-de-pensar-em-si-e-pensar-em-todos-diz-nizan-guanaes,70003642282

How Does Gravity Affect Light?

Mercury: How It Made Cats Dance

This little-known Native American society was once as powerful as the Aztecs and Incas


A Single Chemical Plant in Louisville Emits a Super-Pollutant That Does More Climate Damage Than Every Car in the City

Membrane around tumors may be key to preventing metastasis

As the Texas power crisis shows, our infrastructure is vulnerable to extreme weather

Organic materials essential for life on Earth are found for the first time on the surface of an asteroid

Covid-19: NHS Test and Trace ‘no clear impact’ despite £37bn budget

NextEra Bets on New Power Generator That Runs Without Combustion

What Is Life? Its Vast Diversity Defies Easy Definition.

The wonder material we all need but is running out

Environmental, social and corporate governance

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