somos contagiosos? a ciência da violência, AI x biquini, arte x contrabando

Somos contagiosos,somos-contagiosos,70003603110

Cascading Conflict: The Science of Violence

The Daughter of a Collector Charged With Trafficking Looted Antiquities Has Returned Her Father’s $50 Million Hoard to Cambodia

Khmer Rouge

We’re living in a golden age of sample return missions

An AI saw a cropped photo of AOC. It autocompleted her wearing a bikini.

Education. Vaccination got rid of smallpox, mostly killed polio. It’s about being responsible.

The Leviathan of Parsonstown

The secrets of 3000 galaxies laid bare

Solar energy empowers young women in Yemen

Myanmar military coup: ‘Our world turned upside down overnight’

minha lojinha no Colab55 (posters, camisetas, adesivos, sacolas):

meu livro novo na lojinha! blue notes

meu livro solo

o adesivo do radinho!!!

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muito obrigado pelos cafés!!!