arte x propaganda soviética, hackers russos x EUA, tech x fome, o olho que tudo vê

A moment in time that’s lasted 2000 years— the Spinario (boy pulling a thorn from his foot)

An Hour with Dave Brubeck

What Are Artists For?

How Russian hackers infiltrated the US government for months without being spotted

Why people still starve in an age of abundance

Technology can help us feed the world, if we look beyond profit

This is the Stanford vaccine algorithm that left out frontline doctors

A janitor making $4/hour walked into a Fortune 500 company boardroom. Shaking, he took a seat opposite the CEO. “So I had an idea…” he nervously began. Years later, that idea would become an iconic consumer brand and make him worth ~$20M.

Could Carbon Dioxide Be Turned Into Jet Fuel?

A verdadeira origem do triângulo com um olho que aparece nas notas de dólar (e as teorias que alimenta)

Mitochondria May Hold Keys to Anxiety and Mental Health

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