the 27 club: arte x loucura #sóquenão, somos todos escutóides!, Elon Musk x Covid #FAIL

The 27 Club: Mental Illness & Art

John Pizzarelli ao vivo

Model of a scutoid

Zuckerberg says Bannon has not violated enough policies for suspension -recording

What Is a Particle?

Disinfected by the Sun: New Cotton Face Mask Kills Up to 99.9999% of Bacteria and Viruses in Daylight

Billionaires Bezos, Musk & Zuckerberg rode the coronavirus storm to get even richer
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“Our Original Sun was a Supernova” –Has the Phenomenon Effected Earth’s Evolution and Climate?

Tree rings may hold clues to impacts of distant supernovas on Earth

The Indian megacity digging a million wells

We Are All Scutoids: A Brand-New Shape, Explained

Elon Musk
Based on current trends, probably close to zero new cases in US too by end of April

Charles Darwin’s hunch about early life was probably right

How was it made? Lost-wax bronze casting

minha lojinha no Colab55 (posters, camisetas, adesivos, sacolas):

meu livro novo na lojinha! blue notes

meu livro solo

o adesivo do radinho!!!

minha lojinha no ko-fi:

muito obrigado pelos cafés!!!