apple x.. Braun, e-commerce x Amazônia, economia circular x privacidade, amizade

A circular economy could end waste – at the cost of our privacy

Como a série ‘Bárbaros’, da Netflix, discute a origem da extrema direita,como-a-serie-barbaros-da-netflix-discute-a-origem-da-extrema-direita,70003509256

How e-commerce works in the Amazon rainforest

Archaeologists in Norway find rare Viking ship burial using only radar

Making Talking Memes With Voice DeepFakes!

The Mouse that Roared TRailer

Covid Superspreader Risk Is Linked to Restaurants, Gyms, Hotels

Climate Change May Have Driven Ancient Human Species to Extinction

Hurricane season: Record number of named Atlantic storms

Two-million-year-old skull of human ‘cousin’ unearthed

America’s Future Might Be Lebanon

Virada Sustentável – KATE RAWORTH – Economia Donut (OFICIAL)

Dieter Rams: The legendary designer who influenced Apple

Dieter Rams Lists the 10 Timeless Principles of Good Design–Backed by Music by Brian Eno

1960s Braun Products Hold the Secrets to Apple’s Future

Alan Turing’s OBE medal, PhD cert, other missing items found in super-fan’s Colorado home by agents, says US govt

Biden has unveiled his covid-19 task force

Microbes could be used to extract metals and minerals from space rocks

A cap on numbers in restaurants could stop them from becoming covid hot spots

Uma vitória da democracia,uma-vitoria-da-democracia,70003509289

Balada pelo que passa e pelo que fica,balada-pelo-que-passa-e-pelo-que-fica,70003509329

Your gut microbiome may be linked to dementia, Parkinson’s disease and MS

China breaks national record for Mariana Trench manned-dive amid race for deep sea resources

Why Germans love getting naked in public

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