narcotráfico x abacates??? mensagem na garrafa x 4.000km, uma pulseira que te julga?

I’m using this Amazon Halo Fitbit clone and can’t comment on the workout stuff yet, but it has this creepy feature where it listens to every conversation you have and tries to analyze how other people perceive your speech.

Cognition all the way down

Evolution’s ‘great leap forward’: When did humans cross the intelligence rubicon?

A 4G network on the moon is bad news for radio astronomy

“Saturn’s moon Titan just keeps getting weirder”

NASA calls Voyager 2, and the spacecraft answers from interstellar space

We just found a source for one of the most mysterious phenomena in astronomy

Climate Wars: Central and Northern America

Denmark to cull up to 17 million mink amid coronavirus fears

North Pole time capsule washes up on Irish coast

‘Landmark’ study resolves a major mystery of how genes govern human height

the return of the Dust Bowl

meu livro novo na lojinha! blue notes

meu livro solo

o adesivo do radinho!!!

meus posters de cidades:

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muito obrigado pelos cafés!!!