Mafalda x Quino x bibliotecas infantis, constantes do universo #sóquenão, oceanos parando?

Laerte e grandes quadrinistas homenageiam Quino; veja

The Infinite Pattern That Never Repeats

Goodnight Nobody – The unlikely battle between the creator of the New York Public Library children’s reading room and the beloved children’s classic Goodnight Moon.

There’s a glitch at the edge of the universe that could remake physics
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The medications that change who we are

Circular truth
Ecologists confirm Alan Turing’s theory for fairy circles.

Turing pattern

Turing patterns

In an Odd Twist, Cleaner Air in China May Mean a Warmer Earth

Mixing of the planet’s ocean waters is slowing down, speeding up global warming, study finds

Venus might be habitable today, if not for Jupiter

Desaprenda hoje com Henrieth Oliveira

muito obrigado pelos cafés tão singelos!