humanidade não evolui mas fungos sim! sinestesia x realidade, solidão é mensurável?

Terraplanistas ficam perdidos em alto-mar ao tentar atingir ‘borda do mundo’,1183084/terraplanistas-perdidos-em-alto-mar-ao-tentar-atingir-borda-do-mundo.shtml

Fungus Amungus

Clima Extremo – Extremes Wetter

Here are the two sites that broke their all-time high temperature records today. 121° was the highest ever recorded at an official site in L.A. County. Ditto for Paso Robles 117° in San Luis Obispo County. Burbank tied all-time high of 114° from yesterday

Typhoon Haishen batters South Korea after slamming Japan

O massacre esquecido de Angola

The orphans of Angola’s secret massacre seek the truth

The senses: Synaesthesia: When senses merge

‘From each according to ability; to each according to need’ – tracing the biblical roots of socialism’s enduring slogan

The Root of All Cruelty?

Why do you feel lonely? Neuroscience is starting to find answers.

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