segredos das pirâmides, ovos conversam??? supernovas x vida, indigo blue x escravidão

Secrets of the Great Pyramid

Indigo: the bluest blue

Indigo Dyeing with fresh indigo leaves

Liechtenstein launches battle to reclaim confiscated WWII territory

This Scary Map Shows How Climate Change Will Transform Your City

Astonishingly old Antarctic space rock could explain mystery of life’s weird asymmetry

Veduta aerea di Ponte alla Carraia

Rio Tinto bosses lose bonuses over Aboriginal cave destruction

Hubble Captures Edge of the Cygnus Supernova Blast Wave

Sudan’s Jabal Maragha: Illegal gold diggers destroy ancient site

Hear the World’s Oldest Instrument, the “Neanderthal Flute,” Dating Back Over 43,000 Years

Optical Illusions Have Long Mystified Neuroscientists – Now Explained in a Fly’s Eyes

Optical Illusions

Earth Appears to Be Travelling Through The Debris of Ancient Supernovae

Bird Eggs Warn Each Other About Danger

Snake-mimic caterpillar, Hemeroplanes triptolemus, Sphingidae

Neanderthal Bone Flute Music

Solar Panels Are Starting to Die, Leaving Behind Toxic Trash

super obrigado pelos cafés tão simpáticos!!!