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Scaling Laws & Social Networks in The Time of COVID-19 with Geoffrey West (Part 1)

leia, vale a pena: Scale, por Geoffrey West

The Bayeux Tapestry

Construct Your Own Bayeux Tapestry with This Free Online App

Lehigh University professor Wonpil Im is on the cutting edge of molecular modeling research. He and his group created an open access biomolecular user interface called CHARMM-GUI.

Copy of Spanish Baroque painting botched by amateur restoration

Wood That It Were So Simple: Conserving A Split Panel Painting Part 1

What Made the Viking Longship So Terrifyingly Effective

Experimental peptide targets Covid-19

Scientists produce first open source all-atom models of COVID-19 ‘spike’ protein

Amazon creates a $2 billion climate fund, as it struggles to cut its own emissions

AI researchers say scientific publishers help perpetuate racist algorithms

Researchers Discover Resolution Limit To “Upsampling” Of Pixelated Faces

North Korea: Kim Jong-un ‘suspends military action’ against South

North Korea: Balloons and speakers raise Korean border tensions

North Korea Vows to Dump Millions of Leaflets and Trash on the South

What a machine learning tool that turns Obama white can (and can’t) tell us about AI bias

Is This Photo Real? AI Gets Better at Faking Images

Living in Alan Turing’s Future

Coronavirus: Warning thousands could be left with lung damage

Nuvem de gafanhotos chega à Argentina e se aproxima do Brasil

“Investidores ameaçam sair do Brasil se destruição da Amazônia não parar, diz Financial Times”,investidores-ameacam-sair-do-brasil-se-destruicao-da-amazonia-nao-parar-diz-financial-times,70003341860

Presidentes de Itaú e Bradesco alertam para perigo ambiental, enquanto Bolsonaro vê ‘desinformação’ – Economia – Estadão,incendios-estao-60-maiores-na-amazonia-precisamos-nos-mover-contra-isso-diz-presidente-do-itau,70003342082

SAPPHIRE NOW Reimagined: A transformação da experiência do cliente

A man who can’t see numbers provides new insight into awareness

These numbers show that black and white people live in two different Americas

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