coronavirus x lockdown x 3M vidas, facebook x moderação #fail, a epidemia de encolhimento peniano???

Facebook needs 30,000 of its own content moderators, says a new report

Coragem moral,coragem-moral,70003328863

Scientists Just Created Artificial Red Blood Cells That May Be Even Better Than The Real Thing

Trump administration to make it easier for hunters to kill bear cubs and wolf pups in Alaska

How K-pop fans became celebrated online vigilantes

Weird weather: Can computers solve UK puzzle?

Ne dérangez pas le virus qui dort

Space Archaeology

Archaeologists discover ‘amazing’ details of Roman city

UAE Mars mission: Hope project a ‘real step forward for exploration’

‘Get Rid of Them’: A Statue Falls as Britain Confronts Its Racist History

Scientists engineer one protein to fight cancer and regenerate neurons

IBM will no longer offer, develop, or research facial recognition technology

Lockdowns may have prevented more than 3 million deaths in Europe

Social bubbles may be the best way for societies to emerge from lockdown

What we can learn from ‘untranslatable’ illnesses

The contagious thought that could kill you

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