crianças trollando Alexa? vacina x Samoa x facebook x mortes, a criatura genial… sem cérebro!

Why kids don’t trust Alexa

Ultracrepidanismo e dogma,ultracrepidanismo-e-dogma,70003119628

Samoa has become a case study for ‘anti-vax’ success

Facebook ads push misinformation about HIV prevention drugs, LGBT activists say, ‘harming public health’

How chimpanzees reveal the roots of human behaviour

Climate change: 1.9 billion people rely on natural ‘water towers’

Australia bushfires: Sydney gets toughest water restrictions in a decade

The measles outbreak in Samoa must be a lesson for the rest of the world

Buyer beware of this $1 million gene therapy for aging

Decision-making without a brain: how an amoeboid organism solves the two-armed bandit

A Brainless Slime That Shares Memories by Fusing

Cities in motion: how slime mould can redraw our rail and road maps

Measles deaths ‘staggering and tragic’

Exclusive: Two pigs engineered to have monkey cells born in China
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