clima + estudantes x amazon + google + microsoft + ikea…, facebook por dentro, sono e saúde

Could this mechanism explain why sleepless nights affect gut health?

For gut microbes, not all types of fiber are created equal

Birds Are Vanishing From North America

Ikea has invested in enough clean energy to power all of its operations (plus extra)

Ex-Facebook engineer posts YouTube videos mocking the culture and joking about how he was fired

Google makes ‘biggest corporate purchase’ of renewable energy ahead of climate strikes

Amazon just pledged to hit net zero climate emissions by 2040

Just Days Ahead of Employee Climate Strike, Microsoft Announces Partnership with Chevron to Accelerate Oil Extraction

New York City has big plans—and $20 billion—to save itself from climate change

Seven dilemmas the Jeffrey Epstein funding scandal creates for universities

Colt suspends AR-15 rifle production for civilians

Farm Animals Are the Next Big Antibiotic Resistance Threat

palestra: Como Construir um Futuro Mais Humano

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