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The test results that best explain the STEM gender gap are not the math scores

Pocket Casts, Our New Favorite Podcast App, Is Now Free

Stephen Hawking Was Wrong. Black Holes Are Bald.

Live facial recognition surveillance ‘must stop’

A facial recognition ban is coming to the US, says an AI policy advisor

New York state bans most flavors of e-cigarettes

A material derived from tobacco is as strong as wood or plastics

Longer, healthier lives will spark a new generational conflict

Examining Inequality
How Geography And Gender Stack The Deck For (Or Against) You

Trump tweets he’s revoking California’s power to limit pollution from cars and trucks

A volcano erupting in Russia caused purple sunsets across the globe

Amazon Music rolls out a lossless streaming tier that Spotify and Apple can’t match

Should I Care About Hi-Res Audio?

Saudi oil attacks: Who’s using drones in the Middle East?

Câmara de SP aprova restrição à venda de cigarro e ao consumo de álcool Estadão:,vereadores-de-sp-aprovam-restricao-a-venda-de-cigarro-e-consumo-de-alcool,70003015973

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