genial: VR para idosos, google x smart cities #sqn, seleção natural neutra #sqn

Startup uses virtual reality to help seniors re-engage with the world

Why a spilled cup of coffee forced a plane to make an unplanned landing

Google’s smart-city plans ‘tech for tech’s sake’

Flares from Infinity: Sagittarius A* Part 1: A super massive black hole broods at the center of our galaxy.

Trump Administration Rolls Back Clean Water Protections

Of Course Citizens Should Be Allowed to Kick Robots

Google’s new addiction recovery website is more useful than a Google search

Your next air-conditioning system might save energy by beaming heat into outer space.

This clean energy invention runs on nothing but cold, night air

Theorists Debate How ‘Neutral’ Evolution Really Is

MIT engineers develop “blackest black” material to date

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