vaping #deuruim? leite x saúde, google x privacidade, golpes x DeepFake, Tesla sendo Tesla

(manchete sensacionalista) Cientistas revertem envelhecimento de células cerebrais

(como a manchete deveria ser) Cambridge scientists reverse ageing process in rat brain stem cells

Brave browser catches Google tracking users with hidden web pages

Mass Extinction Event 2 Billion Years Ago Killed 99% of Life on Earth, Study Finds

Google Has My Dead Grandpa’s Data And He Never Used The Internet

An AI app that turns you into a movie star has risked the privacy of millions

Why humans have evolved to drink milk

The Human Cost of Amazon’s Fast, Free Shipping

An artificial-intelligence first: Voice-mimicking software reportedly used in a major theft

What We Know And Don’t Know About The Mysterious Vaping Illness

Vaping May Hamper the Lungs’ Ability to Fend off Infections

President Trump showed a doctored hurricane chart. Was it to cover up for ‘Alabama’ Twitter flub?

Donos de carros da Tesla ficam trancados para fora dos veículos,donos-de-carros-da-tesla-ficam-trancados-para-fora-dos-veiculos,70002996798

Feds Say Tesla Autopilot Is Partly to Blame for a 2018 Crash

Tesla Autopilot crash driver may have been eating a bagel at the time, was lucky not to get schmeared on road

Almost all life on Earth was wiped out 2 billion years ago, a new study says

Pulling CO2 out of the air and using it could be a trillion-dollar business

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