China x revolução quântica, robô no templo, youtube x professor, patinetes x impacto

A 400-year-old Japanese temple just introduced a robotic priest

Study finds key gut immune molecule links obesity, the microbiome, and metabolic disorders

The quantum revolution is coming, and Chinese scientists are at the forefront

YouTube x professor,you-tube-x-professor,70002972077

Three Years Later, the French Solar Road Is a Total Flop

How Flat Earthers Nearly Derailed a Space Photo Book

Mice and mind blowing maths

Don’t count on having kids if you freeze your eggs

The world’s top deepfake artist is wrestling with the monster he created

The transhumanists who want to live forever

Arctic sea ice loaded with microplastics

Devastating Banana Fungus Arrives In Colombia, Threatening The Fruit’s Future

These rare superdeep diamonds exposed Earth’s primordial secrets

Maths and tech specialists need Hippocratic oath, says academic

Candida auris: The new superbug on the block

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