canhotos x Darwin, criptomoedas x Coreia do Norte, junk DNA #soquenao, China x notícias

Colombia fines Uber more than $629,000 for obstructing regulatory visit

Our Cells Are Filled With ‘Junk DNA’ — Here’s Why We Need It

Nvidia breaks records in training and inference for real-time conversational AI

Nvidia just made it easier to build smarter chatbots and slicker fake news

Google’s algorithm for detecting hate speech is racially biased

North Korea is funding its weapons program with stolen cryptocurrency

Increasing humidity, driven in part by climate change, is making even modest heat waves unbearable

China Is Waging a Disinformation War Against Hong Kong Protesters

A Brief History of Typography & Typefaces

Incredible Stanford study discovers thousands of novel proteins produced by human microbiome

Meteorite strikes made life on Earth possible

Why is left-handedness so rare? It comes down to these 2 words

The Anthropocene Is a Joke

Lightning struck near the North Pole 48 times. It’s not normal.

The U.S. Army Wants To Microwave Drones in Midair

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