AI x emoções #sqn, AI x meio ambiente, Siri x privacidade, acupuntura 2.0? Gutenberg coreano!

Apple contractors hear confidential details from Siri, a whistleblower claims

Ear ‘tickling’ therapy could ‘help thwart ageing’

The Bizarre, Peaty Science Of Arctic Wildfires

Mysterious 2017 radioactive cloud over Europe originated in Russia, researchers say

The Oldest Book Printed with Movable Type is Not The Gutenberg Bible: Jikji, a Collection of Korean Buddhist Teachings, Predated It By 78 Years and It’s Now Digitized Online

Computers can’t tell if you’re happy when you smile

Is AI the next big climate-change threat? We haven’t a clue

Pesquisa relaciona fungo imune a remédios ao aquecimento global,pesquisa-relaciona-fungo-imune-a-remedios-ao-aquecimento-global,70002946292

The Data That Makes You Unique

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