Microsoft x reconhecimento facial, QRCode 2.0? universo espelho? olavismo x ciência

Microsoft discreetly wiped its massive facial recognition database

Google lança iniciativas de incentivo ao jornalismo no Brasil,google-lanca-iniciativas-de-incentivo-ao-jornalismo-no-brasil,70002859578

We’ve seen signs of a mirror-image universe that is touching our own

Industrial methane emissions are underreported, study finds

Creative thinking: Researchers propose solar methanol island using ocean CO₂

PUB to deploy Singapore’s first large-scale floating solar panel system by 2021

These colorful stickers are helping blind people find their way around

Entangled aluminium ion is world’s best timekeeper

Quantum Leaps, Long Assumed to Be Instantaneous, Take Time

Most-detailed-ever simulations of black hole solve longstanding mystery

Jupiter will get so close to Earth this month its largest moons will be visible with binoculars

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