berços x mortes, Apple pós iphone, IBM x Arabia Saudita, quantum x senhas, pernilongos x fungos

Fisher-Price invented a popular baby sleeper without medical safety tests and kept selling it, even as babies died

O que a Apple vai anunciar?,o-que-a-apple-vai-anunciar,70002850621

Twitter is eroding your intelligence. Now there’s data to prove it.

IBM Sells Face Recognition Surveillance to a Dictatorship: Report

Uber’s First Earnings Report After I.P.O.: $1 Billion Loss

Confirmed: Earth Is Crushing the Ocean into Salty Diamonds

How a quantum computer could break 2048-bit RSA encryption in 8 hours

The curious origins of the dollar symbol

GM fungus rapidly kills 99% of malaria mosquitoes, study suggests

Why Tracking Your Symptoms Can Make You Feel Worse

An electric scooter caught fire in downtown D.C.

Measles record means US could lose eradication status

U.S. measles cases in first five months of 2019 surpass total for any year since 1992

How Uber Hopes to Profit From Public Transit

‘Fettuccine’ may be most obvious sign of life on Mars, researchers report

Do humans have a ‘religion instinct’?

Most atheists believe in the supernatural, despite trusting science

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