Amazônia ou amazon? a cápsula do tempo do MIT, a palestra no PMITalks, gás CFC de novo…

MIT just cracked open an historic time capsule–here’s what was inside

How scientists unraveled the mystery behind the return of a banned greenhouse gas

Desmatamento avança na Amazônia, que perde 19 hectares de florestas/hora,desmatamento-avanca-na-amazonia-que-perde-19-hectares-de-florestashora,70002838401

Brasil lamenta perda do nome Amazon

Policy Initiatives To Trigger Massive Growth Of Renewable Energy In China

How The Brain Shapes Pain And Links Ouch With Emotion

With New Style And Graphics, North Korea Gives Propaganda A Makeover

aqui está a íntegra da palestra de ontem, com video, slideshare e versão em audio…cto-cultura-pessoas/

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