google x viagens x tudo o que você comprou, xô metano, tesla x morte, quilo aposentado

Google Spent Years on a Secret Plan to Dominate This $830 Billion Industry, and Nobody Even Noticed

Tesla’s Model 3 autopilot mode was activated seconds before a fatal crash

Grocery bills can predict diabetes rates by neighborhood

Turning one greenhouse gas into another could combat climate change

Move Over, San Andreas: There’s An Ominous New Fault In Town

Fighting Ebola When Mourners Fight the Responders

Google has been tracking nearly everything you buy online — see for yourself with this tool

Tomorrow The Definition of The Kilogram Will Change Forever. Here’s What That Really Means

This Yellow Egyptian Glass Was Forged by a Meteorite Impact 29 Million Years Ago

A simple watt balance for the absolute determination of mass

Now Ocean Plastics Could Be Killing Oxygen-Making Bacteria

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