alienígenas #SQN, Brasil x digital, gêmeos no espaço, carne x CO2, Assange x liberdade de imprensa

Amazon workers are listening to some of your conversations with Alexa

O que falta ao Brasil,o-que-falta-ao-brasil,70002788397

The first study of a twin in space looks like good news for a trip to Mars

Scott Kelly Spent a Year in Orbit. His Body Is Not Quite the Same.

Climate change made the Arctic greener. Now parts of it are turning brown.

6 Pressing Questions About Beef and Climate Change, Answered

Is Assange’s Arrest a Threat to the Free Press?

Amazon’s Alexa isn’t just AI — thousands of humans are listening

New York City Has a Y2K-Like Problem, and It Doesn’t Want You to Know About It

Should we drink milk to strengthen bones?

Believe in Atlantis? These archaeologists want to win you back to science

March Temperatures in Alaska: 20 Degrees Hotter Than Usual

Ford Taps The Brakes On The Arrival Of Self-Driving Cars

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