pum em Marte??? hackers x Tesla, aquecimento global x Miami, dark matter não é dark

Scientists have found a ‘fossil graveyard’ linked to the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs https://edition.cnn.com/2019/04/01/americas/asteroid-dinosaurs-graveyard-scn-scli/index.html

Building For An Uncertain Future: Miami Residents Adapt To The Changing Climate https://www.npr.org/2019/03/31/706940085/building-for-an-uncertain-future-miami-residents-adapt-to-the-changing-climate

Dark Matter is Real. “Dark Matter” is a Terrible Name for It http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/outthere/2019/04/01/dark-matter-is-real/#.XKM6f5hKiUk

Curiosity Rover Detected Methane on Mars in 2013, a New Analysis Confirms https://gizmodo.com/curiosity-rover-detected-methane-on-mars-in-2013-a-new-1833722727

Google employees are lining up to trash Google’s AI ethics council https://www.technologyreview.com/s/613253/googles-ai-council-faces-blowback-over-a-conservative-member/

Hackers trick a Tesla into veering into the wrong lane https://www.technologyreview.com/the-download/613254/hackers-trick-teslas-autopilot-into-veering-towards-oncoming-traffic/

Grisly Cave Discovery Suggests Climate Change Turned Neanderthals Into Cannibals https://www.sciencealert.com/climate-change-forced-neanderthals-to-become-cannibals-new-findings-suggest

Stephen Hawking coin recalled after equation error is found – Physics World (o link sumiu… será que era hoax?)

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