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China launched more rockets into orbit in 2018 than any other country

How much money would you want to quit Facebook for a year? Most people say $1,000.

China’s tech giants want to go global. Just one thing might stand in their way.

Female black journalists and politicians get sent an abusive tweet every 30 seconds

O Natal do ódio,o-natal-do-odio,70002654077

Ethics and Law in Data and Analytics

What’s Wrong with Bananas

New study finds that marijuana can reprogram sperm genes

We finally know how fish swim so fast

Genetic information as self-fulfilling prophecy

7 Arguments Against the Autonomous-Vehicle Utopia

No Brasil, 10 milhões passaram a acessar a internet em 2017,no-brasil-10-milhoes-passaram-a-acessar-a-internet-em-2017,70002653289

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