Brasil x fake news, radinho no spotify! novas do pai da web, câncer x fake news, Trump x mercúrio

Brasileiros são o povo que mais acredita em fake news no mundo, indica Ipsos

Exclusive: Tim Berners-Lee tells us his radical new plan to upend the World Wide Web

‘Fake news’ podem atrapalhar o tratamento contra o câncer de mama,fake-news-podem-atrapalhar-o-tratamento-contra-o-cancer-de-mama,70002524055

Trump Administration Prepares a Major Weakening of Mercury Emissions Rules

roda & avisa no spotify

radinho no spotify

A New Clue in the Search for Forests on Distant Planets

High CO2 levels cause plants to thicken their leaves, could worsen climate change effects

NASA study shows travelling to Mars could ruin your gut and cause cancer

A Key Ingredient For Life Fell To Earth From Outer Space

Climate Change May Cost the U.S. More Than Almost Any Other Country

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