saúde x fake news, cidades x CO2, brasil x esgotos, mistérios x ciência, China x AI, trator x DRM?

Ministério da Saúde identifica 185 focos de fake news e reforça campanhas,ministerio-da-saude-identifica-185-focos-de-fake-news-e-reforca-campanhas,70002510310

Mais da metade dos municípios não conta com política de saneamento básico,mais-da-metade-dos-municipios-nao-contam-com-politica-de-saneamento-basico,70002509137

California wants to stop hackers from taking control of smart gadgets

Cities lead the way on curbing carbon emissions

China’s leaders are softening their stance on AI

A Short History of the Missing Universe

Three new physics experiments could revamp the standard model

Super cheap earth element to advance new battery tech to the industry

John Deere Just Swindled Farmers Out Of Their Right To Repair

New White House Biodefense Plan Omits Climate Change

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