trem a hidrogênio, mortalidade infantil, AI versus vídeo, drone x recarga, médicos x mitos

Uma criança morre a cada cinco segundos no mundo, alerta OMS,uma-crianca-morre-a-cada-cinco-segundos-no-mundo-alerta-oms,70002506628

Alemanha estreia o primeiro trem movido a hidrogênio do mundo

Universities should lead efforts to slow climate change, if the federal government won’t

In-flight charging gives drones unlimited autonomous range

Climate change is real. Welcome to the new normal.

Belgian chips set to shrink due to drought

It’s Hard for Doctors to Unlearn Things. That’s Costly for All of Us.

How a Temporal Relation Network understands what’s going on there

projeto Desaprenda

projeto Leia Vale a Pena

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