vacinas x mito x… fraude! apple x inovação, geoengenharia, mudança climática, alzheimer x vírus?

A descoberta de uma fraude em pesquisa sobre autismo,a-descoberta-de-uma-fraude-em-pesquisas,70002505464

Por que a empresa mais inovadora do mundo contraria as principais práticas atuais de inovação?

Curbing emissions isn’t enough—we need emergency solutions for climate change

We don’t need more doomsday climate predictions. We need solutions — like this one.–like-this-one/2018/09/14/6a95358c-b864-11e8-a2c5-3187f427e253_story.html

‘The Great Dying’ Was Our Worst Extinction Ever, And It Could Happen Again

Infectious Theory Of Alzheimer’s Disease Draws Fresh Interest

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