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  1. Some Amazon Reviews Are Too Good To Be Believed. They’re Paid For
  2. Reinforcement Learning
    By experimenting, computers are figuring out how to do things that no programmer could teach them.
  3. An AI-driven robot hand spent a hundred years teaching itself to rotate a cube
  4. Why Our Intuition About Sea-Level Rise Is Wrong
  5. Sorry, Nerds: Terraforming Might Not Work On Mars
  6. Droughts, Heat Waves and Floods: How to Tell When Climate Change Is to Blame
  7. Why Westerners Fear Robots And The Japanese Do Not
  8. Aumento do número de casas com sistema de refrigeração de ar tornará planeta mais quente,aumento-do-numero-decasas-com-sistema-de-refrigeracao-de-ar-tornaraplaneta-mais-quente,70002418438

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