google x multas, calor emburrece? designer babies? top apps iOS, cai a vacinação, vício x celular

  1. Google fined a record $5 billion by the EU for Android antitrust violations
  2. Google hit with 4.3bn euro Android fine from EU
  3. Heat makes you dumb, in four charts
  4. How New York City Is Tackling Extreme Heat In A Warming World
  5. Scorching Scandinavia: Record-breaking heat hits Norway, Finland and Sweden
  6. In India, Summer Heat May Soon Be Literally Unbearable
  7. The Formula For Phone Addiction Might Double As A Cure
  8. UK Ethics Council Says It’s ‘Morally Permissible’ to Create Genetically Modified Babies
  9. Taxas de vacinação aumentam no mundo, mas caem no Brasil há 3 anos,taxas-de-vacinacao-aumentam-no-mundo-mas-caem-no-brasil-ha-3-anos,70002405638
  10. These are the most positively reviewed apps in the history of the Apple App Store — and the top result may surprise you
  11. This company is giving away face recognition software to K-12 schools

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